Graphic design

Sara is a graphic designer and comic artist from Finland. She is part of American comic line up for Mary’s Monster web and print publisher for whom she makes the fantasy webcomic Alchemilla. She has a variety of work involving mental health activism, folklore and gender identity published both in United Kingdom, and Finland. Sara has an active role in the Finnish comic scene including making the visual branding for Helsinki Zinefest and being part of the Finnish queer-feminist comic collective Outo and Femicomix activist group.

During the years 2016-2017 she illustrated the comic book The Bear Girl about Siberian Khanty-Mansi tribe for Leslie MacKenzie. The purpose of the book was to spread awareness of the rich tradition of Khanty-Mansi. After finishing the book Sara started working on Lempo, a graphic novel about women’s magic in agrarian Finland. In the book she explores the themes of womanhood and the Finnish-Karelian tradition.

Contact me:
sara.sade.valta (at)